04 May 2017


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The other parties have 19 candidates standing in 18 divisions at this election.

Candidate Description Division Votes Elected
Barrett, Philip Melvin Independent South Craven 1350 Yes
Black, Bill The Yorkshire Party Newby 108
Blackie, John Independent Upper Dales 1540 Yes
Burr, Lindsay Marie Malton 1554 Yes
Chatt, Bill Independent Woodlands 207
Dale, Angie Catterick Bridge 284
Goss, Andrew Martin Independent Harrogate Bilton and Nidd Gorge 951
Grant, Helen Mary Independent Central Richmondshire 693 Yes
Hawke, Sid Independent Ripon North 684
Heseltine, Robert Geoffrey Independent Skipton East 1174 Yes
Horton, Peter Independent Ripon South 760
Jefferson, Janet Helen Independent Castle 717 Yes
Larder, Richard John Easingwold 665
Mackay, Don Independent Tadcaster 1146 Yes
McCartney, John Independent Osgoldcross 1219 Yes
Parsons, Stuart Independent Richmond 1250 Yes
Pearson, Chris The Yorkshire Party Romanby and Broomfield 365
Smith, Martin Paul Independent Central Richmondshire 92
Solloway, Andy Independent Skipton West 782 Yes

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